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1 Year Warranty on all purchases

In the event any component which is purchased from Premier Components does not test to the manufactuers specifications within 1 year of purchase we will replace or refund your component cost. We fully stand behind all our sales.

We reduce risk in the supply chain and help customers simplify procurement by limiting the number of supply partners. Each of approved vendors must conform to strict quality standards which are reviewed on a consistent basis. Through these quality assurances we can provide full tracebility to ISO 9001:2000 standards. 


Quality control is at the heart of the electronics industry; it's critical in areas such as aerospace and military. It's also at the heart of Premier Components. That's why every member of our staff fully embraces our commitment to quality, and its importance to our clients. So, as you'd expect, we're fully complaint to internationally recognized standards, comply with every applicable law and regulation and our quality is continually monitored. But rather than stop there, we constantly look for any way we can improve it even further. 

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