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We work 24/7 once your RFQ is submitted on your obsolete microcontrollers, obsolete semiconductors, obsolete integrated circuits, obsolete flash memory, obsolete connectors, obsolete relays, obsolete capacitors or hard to find/long lead-time TFT displays. We also work tirelessly on current cutting edge IoT sensors or MLCC components 24 hours a day until we locate your parts at the price you want.


We build customer specific plans for your BOM or your EAU buys to assist in lowering your component costs through our worldwide pricing advantages. Some of the top lines we can significantly help in this are: Amp distribution, Bourns distribution, Chiplus distributor, Freescale distribution, Marvell distributor, Meanwell distribution, Mircochip distributor, Micron distributor, Molex distributor, Murata distributor, Panasonic distribution, Renesas distribution, Samsung distribution, SGS distribution, Sharp distribution, Silicon distributor, Texas Instruments distribution, Tyco distribution, Vishay distribution.

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